BTMA Adventures

About BTMA Adventures

BTMA Adventures are a series of community events that are designed to engage the most important mechanism for increasing wellness in the human body: Experience.

Some studies have suggested that novel experiences in enriched environments has proven to have a tremendous positive impact in the mental and physical health in its participants.

Each of our Adventures is designed to introduce its participants to enriched environments filled with new sights, sounds, tastes, and smells as well as new methods of problem solving and new methods of social interaction.

By using social engagement in conjunction with education and expert guidance the participants are set up for fun and success in the process of improving their ability to meet the challenges presented to them.

What Kinds of Experiences Does BTMA Adventures Offer?

Get It Out!

GetItOut! is a new boxing oriented class experience designed to give you the opportunity to explore non-violent aggressive behavior in a fun community event.

Higher Ground

HigherGround is a special climbing class that will focus on showing you the ropes, both figuratively and literally, and how ELDOA can help you reach new heights.

Spirit Sweat

SpiritSweat is a special day with four individual consecutive classes incorporating movements and traditional practices to provide an opportunity to balance the Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

Each of these classes represents a new and novel experience, and we here at the BTMA Studio team will always be looking for new events and experience we can introduce to the community. Come join us and see what we have to offer.

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