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Liam Springer is a Healthy Living and Fitness Consultant with a broad and detailed training background, including body mechanics, exercise, nutrition, and psycho-social wellbeing. Liam is one of the few soma trainers to have graduated with the certification of SomaTrainer under the internationally renowned Guy Voyer D.O. He has continued his education in the direction of Osteopathic Manual and Exercise therapy, also developed by Guy Voyer.

Liam Springer

Head Instructor
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Brent Mueller is an experienced administrator and prides himself on being able to spot the devil in the details. He has a Master's Degree from Trinity College in Dublin Ireland and has been working with BTMA Studio since it's inception.

Brent Mueller

Business Manager and COO
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Eric Lentz is an up-and-coming ELDOA class Instructor. He is a PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer and is currently working under Guy Voyer as a student of his world-renowned Soma Training program. He has completed courses on a wide variety of subjects including Global Postural Stretching, Myo-Fascia Stretching, Segmental Training of the Lower Limbs, Segmental Training of the Upper Limbs and Trunk, The Gravity Line and Squat, and ELDOA Levels 1-3.

Eric Lentz


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