ELDOA vs. Yoga

ELDOATM is often compared to yoga. The two exercise models do share some similarities, but ultimately they’re quite different. One is more analytical and intentional. The other is more holistic and free-flowing. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between ELDOA vs. yoga, and how they can work together to round out your workout routine.

ELDOA vs. yoga: What’s the difference?

ELDOA offers a more analytical utilization of the anatomy being influenced in many common yoga poses. The ELDOA poses are specifically influencing individual joints, so it can be used in a targeted manner. The classes are not quite like yoga classes. They are conducted differently by the instructor, especially with regard to coaching and cueing the alignment. However, you may see some overlap in the appearance of a few postures used. Also, both types of exercise provide many of the same wonderful health benefits.

The key distinction between ELDOA vs. yoga is that yoga encourages a more fluid and meditative mindset, and ELDOA is more analytical. Continuous movement ELDOA aims to bring active and intentional awareness to your postural inconsistencies. The goal is to enable the correction of lesioned joints through targeted myo-fascial tension applied in active positions held for one minute at a time. ELDOA classes teach you to evaluate and control your own posture, balance, and the amount of tension throughout your body.

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Why should yogis try ELDOA?

ELDOA is an excellent way to integrate a new level of body awareness and action into your holistic yoga practice. If you are a dedicated yogi, try ELDOA as a once-a-week supplement to help you:

  • Gain a new point of view on posture
  • Step into a more analytical mindset
  • Increase your anatomical awareness
  • Intentionally fine-tune your actions

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The differences between ELDOA vs. yoga complement each other well. You can bring a nice balance to your workout routine by practicing both yoga and ELDOA. Many St. Louis yogis are already attending our ELDOA group classes as a supplement to their daily yoga routine—and enjoying the benefits of both of these fantastic exercise models. Ready to join them? Find a class.

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