15 Places for Healthy Eating in St. Louis

A high-quality diet has the power to lift your mood and give your body the resources it needs to meet the day’s challenges. Whether you’re visiting St. Louis for the first time or you’ve lived here all your life, there are many great options to explore when it comes to nutrition. Here are our recommendations for healthy eating in St. Louis.

Groceries and health food stores

Looking to maintain a healthy diet even while you’re traveling? It’s no secret that preparing your own meals is often preferable to eating out. The following healthy grocery stores are our go-to’s when shopping for whole and organic ingredients in STL:

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Vegan restaurants in STL

Vegan restaurants are sometimes hard to come by in the Midwest, but St. Louis has plenty to offer. These are our favorite local restaurants serving up vegan menus:


Guilty pleasures with high-quality ingredients

Everyone has their own idea of what qualifies as a “healthy restaurant.” If you ask us, the following restaurants in STL are super tasty andthey use high-quality ingredients in their food. You are likely to find healthy options you feel good about eating, while also having an entertaining dining experience, at the following places:


Did we miss anything? If you have other recommendations for healthy eating in St. Louis, let us know. Message us here or email info@btmastudios.com.

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