How to Become an ELDOA Trainer

How to Become an ELDOA Trainer

Are you a fitness professional seeking ways to diversify your practice and better serve your clients? Consider entering an ELDOATM training program—a branch of SomaTraining centered around the philosophy, “You are your own best therapist.” To become an ELDOA Trainer, you need to complete four courses: ELDOA 1–4. There are no prerequisites to get started. Anyone can enroll in ELDOA 1 and then progress through all four courses and pass the exam to become certified.

The first three levels, ELDOA 1–3, are offered right here at BTMA Studios in St. Louis. The courses are taught by our own Liam Springer, who has studied directly under ELDOA founder Guy Voyer for many years, and is among the first handful to ever hold all three diplomas: SomaTrainer, SomaTherapist, and ELDOA Trainer. Visit our ELDOA Teacher Certification page for upcoming dates and pricing info.


ELDOA 1 is a course for everyone: exercise professionals, physical trainers, athletic trainers, massage therapists, coaches, golf and movement instructors, Pilates and yoga teachers, athletic directors, all healthcare providers—and their clients. You will learn about the history, goals, and philosophy of the ELDOA, as well as the teaching method of Guy Voyer, DO.


The second course concentrates on the ELDOA of the spine. In ELDOA 2, you will learn about back pain, posture, spine curvature disorders, spine biomechanics and descriptive anatomy, and intracellular vs. extracellular water. You will also receive an introduction to the factors of progression.

Kill two birds with one stone. Sign up for our ELDOA 1&2 Combination Course. Details here.


ELDOA 3 focuses on the ELDOA of the hips, the shoulder, and the ribs and sternum. You will learn Kapandji biomechanics and descriptive anatomy for the peripheral joints: ribcage and sternum, shoulder complex, and coxo-femoral joint. Kinesiology laws will also be discussed.

Already completed the first two courses? Sign up for ELDOA 3. Learn more.


ELDOA 4 is not yet offered at BTMA Studios. It is a 5-day course taught by Guy Voyer, DO, the founder of the ELDOA method. This level focuses on the pelvic axes and the ELDOA techniques for the pelvis and sacro-iliac joints. At the end of the course, you must pass a written and practical exam to earn a certificate showing you are a fully qualified ELDOA Trainer. After that, you can start teaching ELDOA classes and begin using the ELDOA name as part of your practice.

If you wish to further your ELDOA education after earning your certification, BTMA will be offering workshops in St. Louis to help you better master the theory and application of the ELDOA exercises. These additional workshops are not required to become an ELDOA Trainer. Anyone can become certified by progressing through ELDOA 1–4, and the only prerequisite for each course is the course that precedes it. Get started.

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