ELDOA vs. SomaTraining

What’s the difference between ELDOA vs. SomaTraining? In a nutshell, ELDOATM is one exercise technique within the SomaTraining paradigm. It’s part of the larger SomaTraining “tree” if you will. If you’re a fitness professional looking to get certified, the main difference is that the SomaTraining program is longer and covers a broader curriculum compared to the ELDOA Trainer program.

What is ELDOA vs. SomaTraining?

SomaTraining is a comprehensive conditioning system developed by the renowned French Osteopath, Guy Voyer. It aims to utilize the global connective tissue network to activate the body’s own developmental process in a positive way. In other words: help the body heal itself. As the first truly comprehensive training program, it takes into consideration all parts of the body as a whole—all the way down to the cell. SomaTraining includes ELDOA, myofascial stretching (MFS), global postural stretching (GPS), and a whole lot more.

ELDOA is an exercise method that falls under the SomaTraining umbrella. The name is a French acronym that translates to Longitudinal Stretching with Osteo-Articular Decoaptation. The workouts involve a series of highly coordinated poses that are held for one minute at a time. (It is sometimes compared to yoga.)

What’s the difference in earning an ELDOA vs. SomaTraining diploma?

The program curriculum for the SomaTraining diploma is broader and involves more courses compared to what is required to become an ELDOA trainer. However, the program curriculum for the ELDOA Trainer diploma dives much deeper into the ELDOA technique. If you are already a SomaTrainer, you must take two extra courses (ELDOA 3 and ELDOA 4) and pass a written and practical exam separate from the SomaTrainer exam before you can start teaching ELDOA classes.

Want to become a SomaTrainer? View the full program curriculum here. Want to become an ELDOA trainer? Find courses here.

BTMA Studio to host SomaTraining Institute Chicago

Here at BTMA Studio, we currently offer ELDOA Trainer courses ELDOA 1&2 and ELDOA 3. We will also have the honor of hosting SomaTraining Institute Chicago for a limited number of SomaTraining courses right here in St. Louis. They are the only school in the Midwest to offer the SomaTraining program, and we’re super excited to partner with them.

For a deeper understanding of ELDOA, MFS, GPS, and more, enroll in the SomaTraining program. Courses are now offered in Chicago and St. Louis.

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